Hello, I'm Ana.
I design and code.



A poetic storytelling experience for the iPad. WWDC'22 Swift Student Challenge Winner.

No Break

Bike downhill endless runner game. You're riding downhill with no breaks. Try not to crash! How far can you get?


PUC Acolhe

Supporting the student's journey. App Design, Companion App, Mental Health.


Improving the emotional vocabulary and supporting young people's mental health. iOS App Design.


A guide for digital nomads. Empowering nomads to feel at home in a new city at a glance. App Design.

Pet Match

Adopt with care. Adopt the perfect pet for your lifestyle. App Design.


Diários de Uso e validação de Proposta de Valor: Um estudo de caso

Applying User Diaries to validate value proposition. Published at the Apple Developer Academy's Medium page.

Fale com a Tela: Design para Conversas Humano-Computador

Introduction to the idea of designing for textual interfaces. Published at the Bots Brasil's Medium page.