Hello, I'm Ana.
I design and code.

About me

Hi, I'm Ana Bittencourt. I'm a Product Designer with 4+ years of experience creating digital products. I'm also a novice iOS developer, eager to expand my skills in app development with Swift. I have a passion for digital products, and my curiosity drives my continuous learning.

As a product designer, I am passionate about finding ways to solve the right problems, with research and design tools. To bring solutions to the real world, I strive to deliver delightful and beautiful experiences with great usability for the users. My go-to tool is Figma.

As a developer, I am detail-oriented and challenge-driven, with a sharp eye for the visual coherence of front-end coding, and the ability to collaborate with the design team with ease. I have experience developing and publishing mobile applications using UIKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation and SwiftUI frameworks.

I started my academic journey studying Graphic Design, and I've always been drawn to technology. I studied some front-end on the side before diving into UX Design, and after some work experience in the field, I was admitted in the Apple Developer Academy Curitiba, where I had the chance to study Swift programming with the support of mentors. There, I developed and designed apps for the Apple ecossystem, published a game on the App Store, and worked on the app memoria, which attended the Apple Entrepreneur Camp. I also received a Swift Student Challenge Award with Ripples, a poetic and immersive musical experience for the iPad.